Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) Materials

CD Bioparticles’ customized Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with various of the material formats and chemical composition can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Limited MOF options in the market for different applications
  • Restricted surface area
  • Low production yield and low consistency
  • Tedious processing and formulation
  • Limited facilities for large production yield with consistant quality control

Figure 1. Structure diagram of Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) Materials.Figure 1. Structure diagram of Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) Materials.

MOFs Materials Key Features:

MOFs Materials Key Benefits:

  • Wide coverage of the MOFs and free choice of building blocks
  • Keep pursuing higher surface area with optimized formulation
  • Cost-effective MOF manufacturing at scale
  • Tailored textural properties, uncompromising on porosity
  • Fine tuning MOFs for industrial application, supply of highly-porous, suitably robust, shaped MOFs - tailored to your applications, such as membrane separation, sensors and biotech
  • Feasibility studies under real conditions​
  • Efficient and productive MOF-based adsorption system

MOFs Materials Possible Applications:

  • Drug Delivery (e.g. slow release of target molecules)
  • Gas and Liquid Adsorption
    • Removal of toxic and hazardous substances (e.g. chemical warfare agents)
    • Heat transformation (e.g. adsorption heat pumps)
    • Respiratory systems (e.g. gas masks)
    • Water treatment (e.g. heavy metal removal)
  • Gas storage
    • Compressed gases (e.g. natural gas, hydrogen, etc.)
    • Toxic and reactive gas systems (e.g. via sub-atmospheric storage systems)
    • Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)
  • Conductivity
    • Electronics
    • Batteries (e.g. electrodes, electrolytes, etc.)
    • Optoelectronic devices (e.g. solar cells)
    • Additives
  • Catalysis
    • Catalytic support and immobilization
    • Encapsulation of catalytic active species
    • Unprecedented selectivity and activity
  • Food
    • Quality control (e.g. moisture control)
    • Food storage (e.g. suppression of ripening agents)
    • Shelf life management (e.g. triggered release of ripening agents)
    • Delivery of agrochemicals (e.g. triggered release of fertilizers etc.)
  • Sensing and Detection
    • Gas/vapor and small molecule detection
    • Luminescence (e.g. scintillation)
    • Medical diagnostics
    • Explosive detection
  • Gas Treatment
    • Separation (e.g. hydrocarbons, CO2, O2, H2, NH3, H2S, toxics, etc.)
    • Purification
    • Impurity and odor removal
    • Filtering (e.g. molecular sieves)
  • Textile upgrading
    • Additives
    • Personal protection
    • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense
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