Aluminum-based MOFs (Al-MOF)

Metal-organic frameworks are crystalline materials whose organic ligands contain potential voids. Among them, aluminum-based MOFs (Al-MOFs) materials prepared with aluminum as a metal source are non-toxic, light in texture, low in raw material prices, the characteristics of strong thermally stable and chemical stability, and has shown good application prospects in the fields of gas adsorption and storage, separation, catalysis, magnetism, and drug sustained release.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies aluminum-based MOFs for research. Contact us to find out how the aluminum-based MOFs can help your work.


Catalog: CDM-CH289

MW: 158.05

CAS No.: 1370461-06-5


Catalog: CDM-CH284

MW: 223.12

CAS No.: 1134360-62-5

CAU-1-NH2 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH245

MW: 803.46

CAS No.: 1186035-28-8

CAU-10 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH232

MW: 208.10

CAS No.: 1416330-84-1


Catalog: CDM-CH269

MW: 375.31

CAS No.: 1207564-79-1


Catalog: CDM-ST019

MW: 705.81

CAS No.: 1404201-64-4

MIL-53 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH283

MW: 208.10

CAS No.: 654061-20-8


Catalog: CDM-CH287

MW: 286.18

CAS No.: 1251862-76-6

PCN-333 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH032

MW: 1026.72

CAS No.: 1843260-12-7

MIL-68 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH1556

MW: 207.09

MOF-303 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH1557

MW: 197.06128

CAS No.: 2050043-41-7

467-MOF (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH031

MW: 1189.88

CAS No.: 1818266-93-1

CAU-10, Isophthalate:Al=0.9-1.0

Catalog: CDM-ST021

CAS No.: 1416330-84-1


Catalog: CDM-ST020

MW: 208.10

CAS No.: 654061-20-8

NH-MIL-101 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH288

MW: 705.82

CAS No.: 1404201-64-4


Catalog: CDM-CH1555

MW: 872.7

CAS No.: 1402928-31-7

CAU-21 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH1558

MW: 318.21

CAS No.: 2095465-85-1

MIL-100 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH1560

MW: 564.21

CAS No.: 1200358-58-2

MIL-96 (Al)

Catalog: CDM-CH1559

MW: 2497.01

CAS No.: 908831-43-6

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