Cerium-based MOFs (Ce-MOF)

Cerium-based Metal-Organic Frameworks (Ce-MOFs) have emerged as promising materials in the field of drug delivery due to their unique properties and biocompatibility. These MOFs consist of cerium ions coordinated with organic ligands, forming a porous framework with tunable pore sizes and surface areas. Such characteristics allow for efficient encapsulation and controlled release of therapeutic agents.

Ce-MOFs exhibit high stability and are easily modifiable, making them suitable carriers for various drugs, including anticancer agents, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs. The controlled release of drugs from Ce-MOFs ensures sustained therapeutic effects, minimizing potential side effects and improving patient compliance. Additionally, their biodegradable nature reduces the risk of long-term toxicity.

Furthermore, cerium ions within the MOF structure possess inherent antioxidant properties, protecting drugs from degradation and enhancing their therapeutic efficacy. Moreover, the surface of Ce-MOFs can be functionalized with targeting moieties, facilitating site-specific drug delivery to diseased tissues, thus further enhancing their potential for personalized medicine applications. In conclusion, Ce-MOFs represent a promising platform for drug delivery with significant potential in revolutionizing the treatment of various diseases.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies cerium-based MOFs (Ce-MOF) for research. Contact us to find out how cerium-based MOFs (Ce-MOF) can help your work.

UIO-66 (Ce)

Catalog: CDM-CH1572

MW: 1953.38

CAS No.: 1801427-51-9

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