Chromium-based MOFs (Cr-MOF)

Metal-organic frameworks are crystalline porous materials composed of metal centers and organic linkers. Cr(III) can be used to form stable MOFs. Among them, MIL-101(Cr), one of the most well-studied chromium-based metal-organic frameworks, consists of metallic chromium ions and terephthalic acid ligands. It has ultra-high specific surface area, large pore size, good thermal/chemical/water stability, and contains unsaturated Lewis acid sites in its structure. Due to the physical and chemical properties and structural characteristics of MIL-101(Cr), it has a wide range of applications in aqueous phase adsorption, gas storage and separation, and catalysis.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies chromium-based MOFs for research. Contact us to find out how the chromium-based MOFs can help your work.

ED-MIL-101 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH257

MW: 743.43

CAS No.: 1041469-06-0

MIL-100 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH256

MW: 641.25

CAS No.: 840523-88-8

MIL-101 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH230

MW: 719.36

CAS No.: 869288-09-5

MIL-101 (Cr) F Free

Catalog: CDM-CH262

MW: 717.37

CAS No.: 876661-00-6

MIL-101 (Cr)-SO3H

Catalog: CDM-CH260

MW: 957.56

CAS No.: 1331961-41-1

MIL-53 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH258

MW: 233.12

CAS No.: 442912-79-0

NH2-MIL-101 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH261

MW: 764.40

CAS No.: 1414869-95-6

NO2-MIL-101 (Cr)

Catalog: CDM-CH259

MW: 854.35

CAS No.: 1425509-24-5

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