Iron-based MOFs (Fe-MOF)

Fe -MOF is a kind of MOFs material formed using Fe and its derivatives as metal clusters and organic ligands. Due to the strong coordination between Fe and O atoms, Fe-MOFs are generally stable in organic solvents and water. Compared with traditional porous materials, the pore size and internal pore environment in Fe-MOF can be changed, thus expanding the possibility and capacity of loading guest molecules. Therefore, Fe-MOFs, which have been demonstrated to have high drug loading and excellent biocompatibility, are considered to have great application prospects in the field of drug delivery. In addition, its ultra-high specific surface area, large pore size, and good thermal/chemical/water stability also make it widely used in the fields of gas storage and separation and catalysis.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies iron-based MOFs for research. Contact us to find out how the iron-based MOFs can help your work.

F-free MIL-100(Fe)

Catalog: CDM-ST016

CAS No.: 1257379-83-1

MIL-100 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH709

MW: 265.99

CAS No.: 1195763-37-1

MIL-101 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH708

MW: 711.33

CAS No.: 1189182-67-9

MIL-53 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH712

MW: 236.97

CAS No.: 764608-47-1

MIL-68 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH715

MW: 310.06

CAS No.: 1251849-13-4

MIL-88A (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH716

CAS No.: 1138446-56-6


Catalog: CDM-CH710

MW: 675.88

CAS No.: 1341134-01-7

NH2-MIL-101 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH711

MW: 756.38

CAS No.: 1189182-85-1

NH2-MIL-53 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH714

MW: 251.98

CAS No.: 1291088-77-1

NH2-MIL-88B (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH713

MW: 720.92

CAS No.: 1341134-09-5

PCN-250 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH265

MW: 1535.83

CAS No.: 1771755-22-6

F-free MIL-100 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH707

MW: 650.80

CAS No.: 1257379-83-1

PCN-250 (Fe2Co)

Catalog: CDM-CH252

MW: 1544.02

CAS No.: 2393906-70-0


Catalog: CDM-ST015

CAS No.: 1771755-22-6

PCN-600 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH266

MW: 6866.30

CAS No.: 1630794-12-5

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