Magnesium-based MOFs (Mg-MOF)

Magnesium-based metal-organic frameworks (Mg-MOFs) have garnered significant attention in the field of drug delivery due to their unique properties. These porous structures offer high surface areas and tunable pore sizes, enabling efficient encapsulation and controlled release of therapeutic agents. Mg-MOFs exhibit biocompatibility and biodegradability, reducing potential toxicity concerns. Their stability under physiological conditions ensures the protection of encapsulated drugs during transit, while controlled degradation enables sustained drug release at the target site. Additionally, magnesium ions play essential roles in various cellular processes, suggesting potential bioactivity. However, challenges remain in optimizing drug loading, release kinetics, and long-term stability. Ongoing research focuses on tailoring Mg-MOF properties to enhance drug delivery efficacy, ultimately contributing to the advancement of personalized and effective treatments for various diseases.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies magnesium-based MOFs (Mg-MOF) for research. Contact us to find out how magnesium-based MOFs (Mn-MOF) can help your work.

MOF-74 (Mg)

Catalog: CDM-CH1568

MW: 388.9

CAS No.: 1565828-96-7

Mg2 (dobpdc)

Catalog: CDM-CH1569

MW: 318.80384

CAS No.: 1433849-68-3

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