Manganese-based MOFs (Mn-MOF)

Manganese-based Metal-Organic Frameworks (Mn-MOFs) have emerged as promising platforms for drug delivery due to their unique structural and chemical properties. These porous materials possess high surface areas, tunable pore sizes, and exceptional stability, allowing for efficient encapsulation and controlled release of therapeutic agents. Mn-MOFs can be functionalized with targeting ligands to enhance cellular specificity and reduce off-target effects. The presence of manganese ions also offers potential for imaging applications, aiding in real-time tracking of drug delivery and therapeutic responses. Furthermore, their biocompatibility and biodegradability profiles contribute to their appeal as drug carriers. By tailoring Mn-MOF properties, researchers can design versatile drug delivery systems with improved efficacy, reduced side effects, and personalized treatment strategies for various diseases. Ongoing research aims to harness these capabilities to revolutionize the field of drug delivery and advance patient care.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies manganese-based MOFs (Mn-MOF) for research. Contact us to find out how manganese-based MOFs (Mn-MOF) can help your work.

MOF-74 (Mn)

Catalog: CDM-CH1570

MW: 337.99

CAS No.: 1235342-69-4

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