Titanium-based MOFs (Ti-MOF)

Ti-MOF is a kind of MOFs material formed using Ti and its derivatives as metal clusters and organic ligands. Due to its unique structural features, relatively low toxicity and excellent optical properties, Ti-MOF has successfully replaced the commonly used TiO2 becomes a group of MOFs that are attractive for practical applications. Therefore, Ti cluster-based MOFs become potential candidates for practical applications such as photocatalysis, CO2 reduction, and pollutant degradation.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies titanium-based MOFs for research. Contact us to find out how the titanium-based MOFs can help your work.

NH2-MIL-125 (Ti)

Catalog: CDM-CH281

MW: 1653.74

CAS No.: 1309760-94-8


Catalog: CDM-ST017

MW: 1653.74

CAS No.: 1309760-94-8

MIL-125 (Ti)

Catalog: CDM-CH280

MW: 1563.65

CAS No.: 1193372-03-0

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