Vanadium-based MOFs (V-MOF)

Vanadium-based Metal-Organic Frameworks (V-MOFs) have emerged as promising platforms for drug delivery applications. MOFs are highly ordered, crystalline materials composed of metal ions coordinated to organic ligands, creating porous structures with large surface areas. Vanadium's unique redox properties make it advantageous for drug delivery due to its ability to undergo redox transformations in response to physiological stimuli, such as changes in pH or redox potential. These transformations can trigger controlled drug release from the MOF, enhancing drug efficacy and minimizing side effects.

The porous nature of V-MOFs allows for high drug loading capacities, enabling the encapsulation of various therapeutic agents. Additionally, the surface of V-MOFs can be functionalized with targeting ligands, improving drug selectivity and reducing off-target effects. Furthermore, V-MOFs have shown excellent biocompatibility and low toxicity, making them attractive candidates for biomedical applications.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies vanadium-based MOFs (V-MOF) for research. Contact us to find out how vanadium-based MOFs (V-MOF) can help your work.

MIL-47 (V)

Catalog: CDM-CH1571

MW: 231.06

CAS No.: 410542-58-4

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