Zirconium-based MOFs (Zr-MOF)

MOFs are a class of crystalline porous materials with a periodic network structure formed by self-assembly of inorganic metal centers (metal ions or metal clusters) and bridging organic ligands. Among them, Zr-MOFs synthesized with Zr as metal clusters are often used as gas adsorption separation, catalysis, sensors and desiccants, etc. Zr-MOF is considered to be an ideal candidate for drug delivery due to its diverse structures, large specific surface area and easy access, uniform and adjustable pore size, and outstanding stability.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies zirconium-based MOFs for the research of drug delivery. Contact us to find out how the zirconium-based MOFs can help your work.

MOF-801 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH026

MW: 1363.71

CAS No.: 1355974-78-5

MOF-808 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH290

MW: 1363.71

CAS No.: 1579984-19-2


Catalog: CDM-CH234

MW: 1754.15

CAS No.: 1260119-00-3


Catalog: CDM-CH242

MW: 1934.05

CAS No.: 1260119-01-4

NU-1000 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH285

MW: 2176.74

CAS No.: 1446138-63-1

PCN-128 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH035

MW: 2401.08

CAS No.: 2230488-02-3

PCN-222 (Fe)

Catalog: CDM-CH263

MW: 2571.51

CAS No.: 1403461-00-6

PCN-222 (H)

Catalog: CDM-CH033

MW: 2392.94

CAS No.: 1403461-06-2

PCN-223 (H)

Catalog: CDM-CH267

MW: 3039.59

CAS No.: 1640226-29-4

PCN-224 (H)

Catalog: CDM-CH034

MW: 4402.83

CAS No.: 1476810-88-4

PCN-777 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH264

MW: 883.12

CAS No.: 1644161-46-5


Catalog: CDM-ST008

MW: 1664.06

CAS No.: 1072413-89-8

UiO-66 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH236

MW: 1664.06

CAS No.: 1072413-89-8


Catalog: CDM-CH240

MW: 1856.05

CAS No.: 1356031-63-4

UiO-66-BDC-NH2, BDC-NH2:Zr=0.9-1.0

Catalog: CDM-ST005

CAS No.: 1260119-00-3


Catalog: CDM-CH233

MW: 1928.12

CAS No.: 1334722-04-1


Catalog: CDM-CH239

MW: 2144.44

CAS No.: 1334722-07-4

UiO-67 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH235

MW: 2120.63

CAS No.: 1072413-83-2


Catalog: CDM-CH1567

MW: 2044.81

CAS No.: 1435475-69-6

2COOH-UIO-66 (Zr)

Catalog: CDM-CH241

MW: 2192.17

CAS No.: 1458048-15-1

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