mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles

Product Name Catalog Lipid composition Liposome Size Price
Clipos™ COVID-19 Spike Ptotein (Delta Variant) mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM13 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ ANTI-CD19 mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM07 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Cap1 EGFP mRNA coated with Lipid Nanoparticles CDSNT62 INQUIRY
Clipos™ EGFP mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM01 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Luciferase mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM04 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ MAGE3/MHC mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM10 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Lipid Nanoparticles-mRNA Kit CDMB02 INQUIRY
Clipos™ ANTI-BCMA mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM06 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ ANTI-EPCAM/CD3 mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM09 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ ANTI-HER2 mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDPM08 SM-102/DSPC/cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Cap1 Fluc mRNA coated with Lipid Nanoparticles CDSNT63 INQUIRY
Cap1 Omicron Spike mRNA coated with Lipid Nanoparticles CDSNT64 INQUIRY
Clipos™ CAS 9-RNA Lipid Nanoparticles-HA CDPM05 INQUIRY
Clipos™ 4-1BBL mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-039-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-AXL CAR mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-032-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-BCMA CAR-T2A-mbIL-15 mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-067-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-BCMA/CD3 bispecific mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-081-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-c-Met mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-034-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-CD147 CAR mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-030-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
Clipos™ Anti-CD19 CAR-TF tag mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles CDL23-053-L SM-102/DSPC/Cholesterol/DMG-PEG2000 INQUIRY
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