Multi-Nitrile COFs Linkers

Covalent organic framework materials are a class of periodic crystalline organic porous polymers whose organic structural units are linked by covalent bonds to form periodic porous crystalline covalent organic framework materials. Covalent organic frameworks are two- or three-dimensional porous crystalline polymers whose organic building blocks are topologically connected into extended lattice structures with periodic frameworks and ordered pores. Three-dimensional covalent organic framework materials are composed of three-dimensional structural units linked by covalent bonds. Due to the existence of more than three linking sites, some building blocks can form COFs with more complex and diverse three-dimensional structures than the three linking site building blocks. Among them, multi-nitrile COFs linkers are one of the structural units that form such COFs.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies multi-nitrile COFs linkers for COF synthesis. Contact us to find out how the multi-nitrile COFs linkers can help your work.


Catalog: CDM-CH106

MW: 420.46414

CAS No.: 121706-21-6

4-[1,2,2-tris (4-cyanophenyl)ethenyl]benzonitrile

Catalog: CDM-CH024

MW: 432.47484

CAS No.: 79802-71-4

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