Other Types of Drug Delivery

Drug delivery system is a technological system that comprehensively regulates the spatial, temporal and dosage distribution of a drug in an organism. In addition to the traditional nanoparticles for drug loading, the carriers can also be made into different forms to meet the needs of different disease treatments. For example, for the long-lasting therapeutic effect of the drug, it is made into transdermal patches, wound dressings, oral films, etc. CD Bioparticles can provide you with customized drug delivery strategies to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Poor water solubility and stability of drugs
  • Poor drug targeting ability, leading to systemic toxic side effects
  • Inability to accurately control the release dose of the drug
  • Difficult to cross the physiological barrier, low bioavailability
  • Limited choice of drug delivery materials and modes
  • Highly frequent feeding of the drugs

Key other types of drug delivery features:

Common drug delivery methods.Figure 1. Common drug delivery methods.1

Key other types of drug delivery benefits:

  • Reducing the barrier effect and increasing the circulation time of drugs in the body
  • Reducing toxicity, improving stability and targeting of drugs
  • Stimuli-responsive systems to achieve on-demand release of drugs
  • Delivery systems that cover a wide range of drug delivery modes, such as transdermal patches, capsules, and oral films
  • Specialized technical team and advanced equipment for in vivo and ex vivo performance testing of drug manufacturing systems
  • Ensuring product quality from material synthesis, modification optimization to GMP production.

Other Types of Drug Delivery Application Candidates:

  • Low solubility or insoluble drugs
  • Easy degradation of the drug
  • Tissue or cell specific targeted delivery
  • Requirements for sustained, stable, and slow release of the drug
  • Non-invasive or minimally invasive


  1. Vargason AM, et al.; The evolution of commercial drug delivery technologies. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 2021, 5: 951-967.
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