Stability Improvement

CD Bioparticles’ services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Fast clearance/ fast degradation/ short circulation time of the drugs
  • Unwanted immunogenicity
  • Bad dispersion of the drugs
  • The requirements for further processing the drugs, such as dispersing in, blending in or coating on another phase

Key Stability Improvement Features

Stability Improvement

Key Stability Improvement Benefits:

  • The process of size and structure re-construction of the drugs can prolong the circulation time of the drugs
  • Hydrophobic modification of the polar, small drug molecules improves the cell permeability during the passive delivery
  • Hydrolyzable pro-drug prolongs the degradation time to increase the circulation time of the drugs
  • Enzyme inhibitors modifications inhibits the degradation of the drugs or drug-contained cargos from some specific enzymes
  • Specific cell-membrane coating of the drugs or drug-contained cargo can decrease the clearance by the immune-cells
  • Liposome and polymer-based micelles and polyersomes provide physical protection shell of the encapsulated drugs
  • Liposome and polymer-based micelles and polyersomes provide the options of customized modifications for active-targeting delivery and controlled-release delivery
  • Physical encapsulation systems improve the dispersion and size-regulation of the hardly dissolved drugs
  • Physical encapsulation systems provide the opportunities for the further processing, such as coating and blending, and prevents the degradation of the drugs during processing
  • Endosome-escape cargo increases the viability of the drugs in the endosomes
  • Optimized PEGylation density improves the retention of the drugs but not preventing the clearance the drugs and the drug-target interactions

Stability Improvement Application Candidates:

  • Small drug molecules but with high polarity
  • Small drug molecules but easy-to-degrade
  • Hardly dissolved, hardly dispersed, crystalized drugs
  • Oral-delivery or intravenous-delivery drugs
  • The drugs needed to be further processed, such as dispersion, coating or blending in a new phase
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