PC Cleavable Linkers

PC Cleavable Linkers include a variety of products, most of which are biodegradable ADC linkers that can be used to synthesize antibody-conjugated drugs or catalyze a variety of click chemical reactions. PC Cleavable Linkers must meet a variety of challenging constraints, such as mild cracking conditions, the use of biological orthogonal reagents, high yields at low concentrations, and the ease of eliminating excess reagents and by-products.

PC Alkyne-PEG4-NHS carbonate ester

Catalog: CDAX036

MW: 653.64

PC Azido-PEG11-NHS carbonate ester

Catalog: CDAX035

MW: 993.03

PC Mal-NHS carbonate ester

Catalog: CDAX030

MW: 562.49

PC Biotin-PEG3-alkyne

Catalog: CDAX034

MW: 780.89

PC Biotin-PEG3-azide

Catalog: CDAX033

MW: 825.94

PC Biotin-PEG3-NHS carbonate ester

Catalog: CDAX032

MW: 840.9

PC DBCO-PEG3-biotin

Catalog: CDAX031

MW: 1002.15

PC SPDP-NHS carbonate ester

Catalog: CDAX028

MW: 608.64

PC-Biotin-PEG4-NHS carbonate

Catalog: CDAX027

MW: 810.87


Catalog: CDAX026

MW: 914.04


Catalog: CDAX025

MW: 927.08

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