Sugar PEGs

Sugar PEGs are a class of PEG linkers that contain a sugar (eg, galactose, glucose, mannose) on one side and a reactive chemical group (eg, azide, bromide) on the other side. Sugar PEGs linkers can be used in biomolecule design due to their immunosuppressive effects. CD Bioparticles offers high purity sugar PEGs reagents with various reactive groups for bioconjugation in bioassays, diagnostic applications.

Our developed N-azidoacetylgalactosamine tetraacylation (Ac4GalNAz) is an unnatural azide-containing monosaccharide building block. Azide moieties can be used for modification by chemoselective ligation chemistries, including CuAAC, copper-free click reactions, or Staudinger ligation. The acetyl group increases solubility in many solvents, making this reagent more convenient to use in drug discovery research.

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