PEGylated Liposomes Production

CD Bioparticles provides custom services for polyethylene glycol (PEG) modified liposomes production to prolong drug circulation time. Based on our deep understanding of PEGylated liposomes, our scientific team can provide you with professional solutions for PEGylated liposomes preparation and characterization.

Introduction to PEGylated Liposomes

The incorporation of PEG-lipid leading liposomes helps to remain drug for longer time periods in the blood circulation, which has been widely recognized as one of the most successful strategies to improve the delivery of therapeutic molecules. At present, the most popular way to produce long-circulating liposomes is to attach hydrophilic polymer PEG covalently to the outer surface. Steric stabilization results from the local surface concentration of highly hydrated PEG groups which attracts a water shell around the vehicles as Steric barrier. These barriers will against the interactions with molecular and cellular components in the biological environment, result in the inhibition of protein adsorption and opsonization of the liposomes. PEG-coated liposomes are also called ‘stealth’ liposomes referring to their mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS) escaping capability in liver and spleen. Consequently, PEGylated liposome can lead to an extended blood circulation time and a preferential accumulation in solid tumors because of the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect. They also display reduced toxicity, reduced dosing frequency compared to conventional liposomes.

PEGylated Liposomes Applications

Given that technologically and biologically stable liposomal systems, PEGylated formulations appear to be more advantageous than conventional ones and should be further exploited to broaden applications in selective targeting carriers for several types of drug and in therapeutic applications. PEGylated liposomes can easily be modified by a wide array of targeting moieties (MAb, ligands) to deliver the drug specifically to the target tissues with increasing accuracy, which is a very critical requirement for cancer therapy and vaccination.

PEGylated Liposomes Production

Figure 1. A. The schematic diagram of PEGylated liposomes. B. PEGylated liposomes show slow clearance rate than conventional liposomes.

Our PEGylated Liposomes Featured Services

  • Liposome formulation design: we customize liposomes design based on our clients’ demand by varying lipid compositions, vesicle sizes, surface charges, etc.
  • Liposome encapsulation: we employ customized protocols to encapsulate drug molecules into liposome with high encapsulation efficiency.
  • Liposome-drug complex analysis and characterization: we can offer comprehensive analysis assays for liposomes before and after encapsulation, which includes visual appearance, size distribution, stability, Zeta potential, lamellarity, entrapment efficiency, and release rate.

Quotations and Ordering

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