Peptide-Based Drug Delivery Systems

CD Bioparticles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various peptide-based drug delivery products. Our research team specializes in cell-penetrating peptides, targeted delivery of peptides, pH-responsive peptides, enzyme-responsive peptides, and peptide-based self-assembly scaffolds for drug research, drug development, and commercial applications. We can provide you with the design and synthesis of sequence-specific peptides with high stability, good spatial structure and biological activity to achieve effective integration and delivery of therapeutic payloads.

Introduction to Peptide-Based Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)

Peptide-based drug delivery systems are an exciting area of research and development for disease treatment. These systems use peptides to deliver therapeutic agents to specific cells or tissues. Depending on the characteristics of the peptides used, these drug delivery systems are mainly divided into three types:

  • DDS with cell penetrating peptides (CPPs);
  • DDS with targeted delivery of peptides;
  • DDS with stimuli-responsive peptides (enzyme-responsive peptides and pH-responsive peptides).

The specific features of peptide-based DDS include:

Peptide-based drug delivery systems have many advantages, including better biocompatibility, biochemical and biophysical properties, lack of toxicity, controlled molecular weight via solid-phase synthesis and purification.

Cell penetrating peptides can enter the cell without damaging the integrity of the cellular membrane and are considered effective and safe DDS; Targeted peptides, divided into active targeting and passive targeting, can accumulate in the cell or tissue of interest; Stimuli-responsive peptides are mainly divided into enzyme-responsive peptides and pH-responsive peptides. Different stimulation agents (Light, pH, magnetic field, enzymes) can significantly change the properties of DDS, modulating their cell membrane permeability, internalization, size shrinkage and drug release.

Sequence-Defined Peptides Yield Assemblies for Use as Carriers

Figure 1 Sequence-Defined Peptides Yield Assemblies for Use as Carriers[2]

The applications of peptide-based DDS include:

  • Targeting: Accurately targeting specific areas based on the microenvironment and specific binding, significantly reducing side effects;
  • Improving penetration: Enhancing the properties of cell membrane penetration, providing an opportunity for recycling drug candidates;
  • Improving bioavailability;
  • Mitigating off-target toxicity.

Our Peptide Drug Delivery Featured Services:

With advancements in DDS development, CD Bioparticles' professional researchers have achieved significant research results in the field of peptide-dependent drug delivery systems. We can provide you with various services related to peptide-based drug delivery systems:

  • Peptide design and synthesis: CD Bioparticles offers peptide synthesis and screening services. Figure 1 illustrates the yield of sequence-defined peptides.
  • Peptide conjugation: Including the conjugation of peptides with compounds, oligonucleotides, proteins, cells, gold nanocages, nanoparticles, amino acid, liposomes, exosomes, etc.
  • Analysis in vivo and in vitro: Function and performance analysis and evaluation: including metabolic level, drug aggregation, immunogenicity evaluation, drug release ability evaluation, etc.

Contact us to learn more about our peptide-based drug delivery systems.

Quotations and Ordering

Quotations and Ordering

1. Berillo D, Yeskendir A, Zharkinbekov Z, Raziyeva K, Saparov A: Peptide-Based Drug Delivery Systems. Medicina (Kaunas) 2021, 57(11).
2. Sis MJ, Webber MJ: Drug Delivery with Designed Peptide Assemblies. Trends Pharmacol Sci 2019, 40(10):747-762.

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