A transfection control plasmid is a crucial tool in molecular biology and genetic research. It serves as a reference or control element during transfection experiments, which involve the introduction of foreign genetic material into cells. This control plasmid typically contains a known and easily detectable marker gene, often encoding a fluorescent protein or antibiotic resistance, allowing researchers to monitor and quantify the success of the transfection process. By including a transfection control plasmid alongside the experimental plasmids of interest, scientists can assess the efficiency of gene delivery, validate transfection techniques, and ensure that observed effects are not due to variations in transfection efficacy. This control is essential for accurate data interpretation and quality assurance, making transfection control plasmids an indispensable component of genetic studies, ranging from gene expression analysis to gene editing applications.

Product Name Catalog Unit Size Price
pVectFec-CAT Transfection Control WHM-OB68 25 µg, 100 µg INQUIRY
pVectFec-GFP Transfection Control WHM-OB67 25 µg, 100 µg INQUIRY
pVectFec-LacZ Transfection Control WHM-OB69 25 µg, 100 µg INQUIRY
pVectFec-Luc Transfection Control WHM-OB70 25 µg, 100 µg INQUIRY
pVectFec-SEAP Transfection Control WHM-OB71 25 µg, 100 µg INQUIRY
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