Polycaprolactone Family

The Polycaprolactone (PCL) family has emerged as a pivotal player in the dynamic landscape of drug delivery, showcasing remarkable versatility and applicability. Comprising biodegradable and biocompatible polymers, PCL and its derivatives offer unique advantages for controlled release systems. The family's tunable properties, such as varying molecular weights and degradation rates, enable tailored drug delivery solutions. PCL-based materials form the foundation for implants, microspheres, and nanoparticles, providing sustained and localized release of therapeutic agents. Moreover, PCL's compatibility with a wide range of drugs enhances its utility in pharmaceutical formulations.


Catalog: CDP23-322-L

MW: 11 KDa

PCL-oligo(ethylene glycol)

Catalog: CDP23-320-L

MW: 1.2 KDa, 1.9 KDa, 3 KDa, 6 KDa, 7 KDa, 8 KDa, 11 KDa, 14 KDa, 20 KDa, 33 KDa, 60 KDa, 80 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-321-L

MW: 0.9 KDa, 2.3 KDa, 5.5 KDa, 7 KDa, 9 KDa

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