Poly(glycolide)s, abbreviated as PGA, also known as polyglycolic acid, is the simplest linear aliphatic polyester. The original raw material of Poly(glycolide)s is α-hydroxyacetic acid, which widely exists in natural crops such as sugar cane, sugar beet, and immature grapes. Due to the low content of separation and extraction, the method of organic synthesis is often used in industry to prepare. Poly(glycolide)s with high relative molecular weight is generally obtained by the ring-opening polymerization of glycolide monomer. The molecular weight of more than 100,000 can meet the requirements of medical absorbable surgical sutures, and the molecular weight of 200,000-1.45 million can be Stretched into fibers, it can be used as a bone nail or other bone fixation. Poly(glycolide)s is a kind of polymer material with good biocompatibility and biodegradability. Compared with traditional polymer materials, Poly(glycolide)s can be completely degraded in the human body without the participation of special enzymes. The degraded products can be absorbed and metabolized by the body, eventually forming carbon dioxide and water. Due to its excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability, Poly(glycolide)s and its copolymers are widely used in degradable medical surgical sutures, fracture internal fixators, drug-controlled release carriers and tissue engineering scaffolds.

CD Bioparticles offers PGAs of various molecular weights for drug discovery research. In addition, we also offer PGAs modified with acid, ester and hydroxyl groups. Contact us to learn how PGA can help your work.


Catalog: CDP111

PGA MW: Mw 100,000 Da


Catalog: CDP109

PGA MW: Mw 10,000 Da


Catalog: CDP110

PGA MW: Mw 50,000 Da


Catalog: CDP223

PGA MW: Mw ~ 1,000 -5,000 Da


Catalog: CDPB023

Viscosity: I.V. 1.2-2.0, 0.1% in chloroform at 25°C


Catalog: CDCP001

PGA MW: 15,000 Da


Catalog: CDP273

PGA MW: 15000 Da

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