Polylactides Family

The Polylactides Family emerges as a compelling player in the realm of drug delivery, representing a diverse class of biodegradable polymers with widespread applications. Derived from lactic acid, these polymers offer a unique combination of biocompatibility, biodegradability, and versatility, making them highly attractive for pharmaceutical formulations. Polylactides, often referred to as PLA, stand out for their eco-friendly nature, as they can be derived from renewable resources.

One of the notable features of the Polylactides Family is its ability to undergo controlled degradation in the body, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and biocompatible drug delivery systems. PLA-based formulations can be tailored to achieve specific drug release profiles, addressing the need for precise and targeted therapeutic outcomes. This adaptability extends to various administration routes, including oral, injectable, and implantable applications.

As researchers delve deeper into the intricacies of drug delivery, the Polylactides Family remains a focal point for innovation. Its inherent biodegradability not only minimizes the potential for long-term side effects but also aligns with the principles of green chemistry. In the evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, the Polylactides Family stands as a promising avenue, offering solutions that marry effectiveness with environmental responsibility.


Catalog: CDP23-323-L

MW: 2.5 KDa, 6 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-324-L

MW: 12 KDa, 16 KDa, 20 KDa, 25 KDa, 30 KDa, 37 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-325-L

MW: 3.5 KDa, 20 KDa, 25 KDa, 55 KDa, 105 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-329-L

MW: 1.7 KDa, 2.8 KDa, 6.5 KDa, 10.3 KDa, 16 KDa, 31 KDa, 38 KDa, 46 KDa, 52 KDa, 96 KDa, 122 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-330-L

MW: 2.3 KDa, 2.5 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-331-L

MW: 3 KDa, 3.2 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-332-L

MW: 0.55 KDa, 1.1 KDa, 1.3 KDa, 1.6 KDa, 2.4 KDa, 3 KDa, 4.9 KDa, 5.5 KDa, 7 KDa, 8.5 KDa, 12 KDa, 22 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-327-L

MW: 1.4 KDa, 2 KDa, 7 KDa, 10 KDa, 15 KDa, 18 KDa, 21 KDa, 27 KDa, 38 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-326-L

MW: 0.55 KDa, 2.5 KDa, 5 KDa, 8 KDa, 13.5 KDa, 25 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-328-L

MW: 0.45 KDa, 4.8 KDa, 19 KDa, 150 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-333-L

MW: 1 KDa, 1.6 KDa, 1.9 KDa, 2.2 KDa, 4 KDa, 8 KDa

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