Polysiloxane Family

The Polysiloxane Family represents a versatile and promising class of materials in the dynamic realm of drug delivery. Comprising a group of silicon-based polymers, polysiloxanes have garnered significant attention due to their unique physicochemical properties, making them ideal candidates for drug delivery applications. With a backbone composed of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, polysiloxanes exhibit exceptional biocompatibility and stability.

One of the key advantages of polysiloxanes in drug delivery lies in their tunable properties. Researchers can manipulate the structure and composition of these polymers to achieve precise control over drug release kinetics, enhancing therapeutic efficacy. Furthermore, the inherent inertness of polysiloxanes minimizes the risk of adverse reactions, contributing to their appeal in pharmaceutical formulations.

The Polysiloxane Family encompasses a diverse range of materials, including silicone elastomers and gels, each offering distinct advantages for drug delivery systems. Their compatibility with various routes of administration, such as oral, transdermal, and injectable, underscores their versatility. As scientists continue to explore innovative solutions in drug delivery, the Polysiloxane Family stands out as a promising avenue, paving the way for enhanced therapeutic outcomes and patient well-being.


Catalog: CDP23-350-L

MW: 7 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-351-L

MW: 1.4 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-353-L

MW: 0.8 KDa, 1.2 KDa, 1.6 KDa, 2 KDa, 2.5 KDa, 4 KDa, 6 KDa, 10 KDa, 20 KDa, 25 KDa, 45 KDa, 80 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-354-L

MW: 2.5 KDa, 4 KDa, 4.5 KDa, 5 KDa, 6 KDa, 8 KDa, 11 KDa, 18 KDa, 38 KDa, 40 KDa, 60 KDa, 80 KDa, 128 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-355-L

MW: 1 KDa, 2.5 KDa, 4 KDa, 8 KDa, 9 KDa, 13 KDa, 20 KDa, 25 KDa, 30 KDa, 60 KDa, 80 KDa, 100 KDa, 118 KDa, 170 KDa, 241 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-356-L

MW: 10 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-352-L

MW: 2 KDa, 2.3 KDa, 6 KDa, 6.5 KDa, 9 KDa, 11 KDa, 12.5 KDa, 14 KDa, 16 KDa, 48 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-357-L

MW: 3 KDa, 6 KDa, 7 KDa, 17 KDa, 18.5 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-358-L

MW: 0.8 KDa, 1.8 KDa, 2 KDa, 2.6 KDa

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