Poly(vinyl amide) and Poly(vinyl amine) Families

Poly(vinylamide) and poly(vinylamine) series serve as drug delivery carriers to provide innovative solutions for drug delivery. Poly(vinylamide) polymers are characterized by the presence of amide bonds in the backbone and have significant biocompatibility and tunable physicochemical properties. These properties make them ideal candidates for encapsulating and releasing pharmaceutical agents in a controlled manner, thereby solving challenges related to drug stability and targeted delivery.

On the other hand, Poly(vinyl amine) polymers, featuring amine groups in their structure, provide a unique platform for drug delivery applications. The inherent cationic nature of these polymers facilitates interactions with negatively charged biomolecules, enabling efficient encapsulation and controlled release of therapeutic compounds. This family of polymers holds promise for addressing challenges such as enhancing drug solubility, improving cellular uptake, and achieving sustained release profiles.

As researchers delve deeper into the design and synthesis of Poly(vinyl amide) and Poly(vinyl amine) derivatives, the potential for tailored drug delivery systems with enhanced biocompatibility, specificity, and therapeutic outcomes becomes increasingly apparent.


Catalog: CDP23-237-L

MW: 2.15 KDa, 2.28 KDa, 2.3 KDa, 2.35 KDa, 2.36 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-239-L

MW: 9 KDa, 13.6 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-238-L

MW: 20 KDa


Catalog: CDP23-240-L

MW: 0.7 KDa, 1 KDa, 6.5 KDa, 38 KDa, 64 KDa, 90 KDa, 220 KDa

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