Functional Materials

CD Bioparticles has an advanced and customizable drug delivery platform to help you solve all the problems of drug delivery in one stop. We provide high-quality functional materials for the construction of porous organic materials in the field of drug delivery, which can help you solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Drug delivery systems need to be designed for light-triggered release
  • In drug delivery, there is a lack of contrast agents that can simultaneously achieve delivery and monitor drug distribution and release in vivo
  • New complex optoelectronic materials need to be synthesized
  • When configuring the drug delivery system, the solubility of the loaded drug is low, which affects the system preparation
  • Nano drug delivery system is prone to aggregation, leading to short shelf life of the developed drug system
  • There is a need for a drug delivery system with adjustable ion mobility and release rate
  • Lack of highly biocompatible carriers for drug development

Key features

Functional Materials Key Features:

Functional Materials Key Benefits:

  • Light-triggered mechanism precisely controls drug release
  • Improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs
  • Controls the rate of drug release from the delivery system, resulting in a sustained and controlled drug release profile
  • Reduce the risk of side effects of the drug
  • Dual functions of drug delivery and imaging contrast agent can be realized simultaneously
  • Stabilizes drug-loaded nanoparticles and vesicles against aggregation and degradation of therapeutics during storage and transport
  • high biocompatibility
  • Custom synthesis of more complex optoelectronic drug delivery systems
  • Targetable delivery

Functional Materials Application Candidates:

  • Light-triggered drug release system design
  • photoacoustic imaging contrast agent
  • Research and development of more complex optoelectronic materials
  • Solubilizer for poorly soluble drugs
  • Stabilizers for drug-loaded nanoparticles or vesicles to prevent aggregation and extend shelf life of drug delivery systems
  • For the synthesis of drug delivery systems that can adjust the ion mobility and release rate of drugs from the delivery system
  • Highly biocompatible drug delivery vehicle
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