Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) Linkers

Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials use inorganic metal ions as structural centers and basic organic ligands to undergo coordination reactions under certain catalysis and temperature conditions, and generate coordination bonds through coordination reactions. Molecules are connected to each other to form a new material with porous network characteristics. Briefly, metal-organic frameworks are coordination networks with organic ligands that contain potential voids. Coordinated networks are coordinated compounds that extend through one-dimensionally repeating coordination entities but have cross-links between two or more single chain, loop, or helical links, or through two or three repeating coordination entities. These coordinated compounds with cross-links are known as metal organic framework linkers.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies metal-organic frameworks linkers for MOFs. Contact us to find out how metal-organic frameworks linkers can help you in your work.

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