RAFT Reagents

2-(Dodecylthiocarbonothioylthio)-2-methylpropanoic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1442

MW: C17H32O2S3

CAS No.: 461642-78-4


Catalog: CDM-CH1437

CAS No.: 5925-55-3

3-(Benzylthiothiocarbonylthio)propionic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1435

MW: 272.40678

CAS No.: 497931-76-7

4-Cyano-4-(thiobenzoylthio)pentanoic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1451

MW: 279.37782

CAS No.: 201611-92-9

9H-Carbazole-9-carbodithioic acid, phenylmethyl ester

Catalog: CDM-CH1441

MW: 333.4698

CAS No.: 137780-73-5

Benzyl Benzodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1440

MW: 244.37508

CAS No.: 27249-90-7

bis (benzylsulfanyl)methanethione

Catalog: CDM-CH1450

MW: 290.46666

CAS No.: 26504-29-0

Cumyl benzodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1432

MW: 272.43

CAS No.: 201611-77-0

Cyanoisopropyl Dithiobenzoate

Catalog: CDM-CH1431

CAS No.: 201611-85-0

Cyanomethyl Dodecyl Trithiocarbonate

Catalog: CDM-CH1428

MW: 317.57658

CAS No.: 796045-97-1

Cyanomethylmethyl (phenyl) carbamodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1449

MW: 222.3298

CAS No.: 76926-16-4

Di (thiobenzoyl) disulfide

Catalog: CDM-CH1438

MW: 306.4892

CAS No.: 5873-93-8

Trithiocarbodiglycolic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1439

MW: 226.29374

CAS No.: 6326-83-6


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