RAFT Reagents

Reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization (RAFT) is a novel and popular method to control the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of radical polymerization. It allows the preparation of polymers with well-defined structures, including star, block, brush, comb, and gradient copolymers, as well as polymers with predictable functionality.

A commonly used reactive organic compound in a reversible addition-fragmentation polymerization process is a thiocarbonylthio group. Organic compounds containing this functional group are often referred to as RAFT agents. Currently, a large number of RAFT agents have been developed and synthesized on the market. Most of these compounds belong to one of five classes: dithioesters, xanthates, trithiocarbonates, dithiocarbamates, and dithiophosphonates. Raft is very broadly applicable to polymers, especially in the higher order functionality required fields of industrial, personal care, agricultural and biomedical polymers. These versatile, low odor and cost RAFT reagents are now available in gram to metric ton quantities.

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Catalog: CDM-CH1437

CAS No.: 5925-55-3

2-(Dodecylthiocarbonothioylthio)-2-methylpropanoic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1442

MW: C17H32O2S3

CAS No.: 461642-78-4

3-(Benzylthiothiocarbonylthio)propionic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1435

MW: 272.40678

CAS No.: 497931-76-7

4-Cyano-4-(thiobenzoylthio)pentanoic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1451

MW: 279.37782

CAS No.: 201611-92-9

9H-Carbazole-9-carbodithioic acid, phenylmethyl ester

Catalog: CDM-CH1441

MW: 333.4698

CAS No.: 137780-73-5

Benzyl Benzodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1440

MW: 244.37508

CAS No.: 27249-90-7

bis (benzylsulfanyl)methanethione

Catalog: CDM-CH1450

MW: 290.46666

CAS No.: 26504-29-0

Cumyl benzodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1432

MW: 272.43

CAS No.: 201611-77-0

Cyanoisopropyl Dithiobenzoate

Catalog: CDM-CH1431

CAS No.: 201611-85-0

Cyanomethyl Dodecyl Trithiocarbonate

Catalog: CDM-CH1428

MW: 317.57658

CAS No.: 796045-97-1

Cyanomethylmethyl (phenyl) carbamodithioate

Catalog: CDM-CH1449

MW: 222.3298

CAS No.: 76926-16-4

Di (thiobenzoyl) disulfide

Catalog: CDM-CH1438

MW: 306.4892

CAS No.: 5873-93-8

Trithiocarbodiglycolic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH1439

MW: 226.29374

CAS No.: 6326-83-6

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