Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Synthesis and Modification Service

Aptamers are single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) or RNA (ssRNA) oligonucleotide ligands that specifically bind to a variety of molecular targets. Many studies have identified aptamers that can be used to develop novel drug delivery systems. The binding of aptamers to protein receptors on the surface of tumor cells is also an area of increasing interest in current oncology therapies.

CD Bioparticles offers aptamer synthesis and modification services for Annexin A2 resistance. We use Cell-SELEX technology to synthesize a wide range of aptamers aimed at cell surface biomarkers. Personalized aptamer synthesis for target receptors with high affinity. Our synthesized and modified aptamers play a crucial role in targeted diagnostic and therapeutic research into cancer.

Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Service Background

Annexin A2 (also known as ANXA2, Annexin II, p36), a 39 kDa protein of the calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding peripheral membrane protein family1, is characterized by its ability to bind and aggregate anionic phospholipid membranes. This calcium-dependent binding and aggregation capacity underlies its biological functions, including vesicular trafficking, cytokinesis, and cytolysis. In addition, ANXA2 is involved in cell survival, proliferation, invasion, and metastasis, thus acting as a regulator of tumor growth and progression. The aberrant expression profile of Annexin A2 in a wide range of cancer cells makes it an emerging cancer biomarker. Aberrant expression of Annexin A2 can be used as a potential predictor, diagnostic biomarker, and therapeutic target in cancer therapy.

Domain structure of annexin A2. Fig.1. Domain structure of annexin A2. (Bharadwaj A, et al., 2013)

Our Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Services

CD Bioparticles specialises in the synthesis and modification of anti-Annexin A2 aptamers. Cell-based ligand systems are developed using cell-SELEX to screen for the synthesis of aptamers that specifically recognize Annexin A2 as a target. We can also produce customized RNA and DNA aptamers to suit your needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Design

We will work with you to design an aptamer specifically for the annexin A2 receptor or any other target protein of interest.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Synthesis

We offer custom anti-Anexin A2 aptamer synthesis services using a range of technologies. We offer custom aptamer synthesis services using a range of technologies including solid-phase synthesis, enzymatic synthesis, and chemical synthesis.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Modification

We can further modify the anti-Anexin A2 aptamer to improve binding affinity, stability, and specificity to the target protein. This includes end group (5' and/or 3') modification with/without linkers and internal modification, conjugation.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Characterisation

A range of assays can be used to characterize the binding properties of anti-Annexin A2 aptamers, including surface plasmon resonance (SPR), fluorescence polarisation (FP), and gel shift assays.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Specificity and Affinity Analysis

Flow cytometry and microscopy are used to assess the specificity and affinity of the anti-Annexin A2 aptamer for the target.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Targeted Drug Delivery

In vitro and in vivo assays are used to demonstrate the ability of our aptamers to direct tissue-specific drug uptake.

  • Anti-Annexin A2 Aptamer Optimisation

We offer optimization services to improve the properties of aptamers for your specific application. This includes optimization of the aptamer sequence, modification of the aptamer structure, and optimization of the attachment chemistry.

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CD Bioparticles offers anti-Annexin A2 aptamer synthesis and modification services. Our solution is very cost-effective. If you are interested in enhancing your research services in the field of aptamer-targeted drug delivery, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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