Nanoparticle Bioconjugation Services

CD Bioparticles' services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of nanocarriers or drug-containing carriers, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

Figure 1. Types of bioconjugation of chemically modified nanoparticle surfaces.Figure 1. Bioconjugation strategies for chemical modification on nanoparticle surface. (Zhe Liu, et al.; 2010)

The challenges you might meet:

  • High off-target effects.
  • Poor solubility of drugs in aqueous environment, resulting in their low bioavailability and poor therapeutic effect.
  • Easily recognized and cleared by the immune system, which results in a shorter duration of drug action in the body.
  • Difficulty to achieve controlled drug release in vivo.
  • There is a lack of delivery systems that can deliver different drugs simultaneously.
  • Lack of the ability to cross biological barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier (BBB) or mucosal barriers.

Key Features:

  • Protein-polymer Conjugates
  • Peptide Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Nucleic Acid Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Carbohydrate-Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Liposome-Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Enzyme-Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Virus-Nanoparticle Conjugates
  • Cell-nanoparticle Conjugates

Key Benefits:

  • Professional team ensures that the nanoparticle bioconjugation process is optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Nanoparticle bioconjugation protocols can be tailored to meet specific requirements. This customization includes selecting the appropriate nanoparticles, biomolecules and conjugation methods according to the desired application and goals
  • Strict quality control ensures the consistency, reproducibility and reliability of the conjugates produced
  • Possess advanced equipment and technology about nanoparticle bioconjugation
  • Save researchers and companies a lot of time and resources
  • Bioconjugates can be produced at various scales, from small batches for research purposes to large scale production for commercial applications
  • Produced bioconjugates comply with regulatory standards and requirements

Our Featured Services

CD Bioparticles is specialized in the development of drug delivery systems and customizing nanoparticles for drug delivery utilizing our core technologies. With our high-quality products and services, the efficacy of your drug delivery can be tremendously improved.

We offer well-designed drug-loaded polymeric nanoparticle products based on chitosan, PMMA, PHA, PLGA matrix and so on. Clients may select the material type, particle size, size distribution, and/or surface functional groups such as carboxyl or amine groups. And we also provide custom services for designing and synthesizing polymeric carriers with special required drug loading, together with its analysis and characterization before and after encapsulation.

If you don't see what you need, or don't know what you need, please Contact Us and our team will work with you to find the right solution for your analysis.

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  1. Zhe Liu, et al.; Advanced Nanomaterials in Multimodal Imaging:Design, Functionalization, and Biomedical Applications. Journal of Nanomaterials. 2010, 15.
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