Drug-Loaded Contact Lens-Based Drug Delivery System

CD Bioparticles is a provider of drug-carrying contact lenses. Our experts specialize in develop a new generation of non-invasive drug delivery technologies that can overcome the ocular barrier for sustained drug release.

Introduction to Drug-Loaded Contact Lens

Topical drug delivery is the most widely preferred route of administration for the treatment of keratitis, conjunctivitis, dry eye, glaucoma, uveitis and other ophthalmic diseases. Drug-loaded contact lenses are a novel method of drug delivery by loading drug-active molecules (APIs) on a rigid or soft polymer device in contact with the cornea, continuously releasing the drug from the lens to the tear film, prolonging the residence time of the drug on the ocular surface, and improving bioavailability. Compared to traditional ocular drug delivery methods (eye drops, gels, etc.), contact lens-based drug delivery systems have the advantages of low drug side effects, high bioavailability, and ease of use.

Schematic illustration of drug release process realized by contact lens. Figure 1. Schematic illustration of drug release process realized by contact lens.1

The specific features of drug-loaded contact lens:

  • Continuous drug delivery, reducing the total drug dose and prolonging the    duration of drug action.
  • Improve drug delivery efficiency and bioavailability.
  • Easy to control and convenient to use.
  • Improve patient compliance and minimize adverse systemic side effects.

The applications of drug-loaded contact lens:

  • For the treatment of bacterial, fungal, viral keratitis.
  • For the treatment of dry eye, glaucoma and other eye diseases.
  • For the treatment of eye allergic diseases, such as: allergic conjunctivitis.

Our Drug-Loaded Contact Lens Featured Services

With the advancement of DDS development, CD Bioparticles specialized researchers have achieved significant research results in the field of drug-loaded contact lens. We can offer you a wide range of services related to drug-loaded contact lens:

  • Formulation of new drug-carrying contact lenses for customers.
  • Characterization of material properties (material morphology, swelling properties, adhesion properties, optical properties, oxygen permeability, etc.).
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation (drug loading capacity, drug release capacity, drug permeation studies in vivo and in vitro, pharmacokinetic research).

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  1. Du Z, et al.; Pressure-Triggered Microfluidic Contact Lens for Ocular Drug Delivery. British Journal of Pharmacology. 2022, 4(10): 7290-7299.
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