Multiparticulate System-Based Drug Delivery System

CD Bioparticles is a supplier of multiparticulate systems. Our experts can develop innovative formulation solutions by selecting different materials to solve the problems of poor drug stability, difficulties in controlled release and difficulties in industrial production.

Introduction to Multiparticulate System

Multiparticulate systems are drug delivery systems consisting of multiple dosage units. In this system it usually consists of thousands of small spherical particles. Common types include small pills in capsules, micro-pills in tablets, mini-tablets and other common granules. The composition of a multiparticulate system usually includes a starting pellet, a drug-carrying layer, a functional coating layer, an outer coating and other parts, and the prepared multiparticulates can be filled into capsules or made into tablets. When the drug dissolves in direct contact with the gastrointestinal tract, diffusion occurs to release the API, and in addition, by changing the outer coating, the mode of drug release can be controlled.

Schematic illustration of multiparticulates system. Figure 1. Schematic illustration of multiparticulates system.

The specific features of multiparticulate system:

  • It does not depend on the influence of gastric emptying speed and is less affected by gastrointestinal transit time and food types.
  • The drug is evenly dispersed in the gastrointestinal tract, with little local irritation and small individual differences.
  • Failure of individual units to release drugs does not affect the overall drug release behavior, and the risk of sudden drug release can be avoided.
  • Rapidly disintegrating tablets overcome swallowing problems and improve patient compliance.
  • It can achieve accurate and complex drug release kinetics to meet clinical efficacy and provide more patent opportunities.

The applications of multiparticulate system:

  • Suitable for making tablets, capsules, etc. 
  • For diseases that require long-acting, sustained-release drug treatment.
  • It can be formulated as improved release, immediate release and enhanced bioavailability.

Figure 2. Illustration of a drug delivery system for multiparticulate systems.Figure 2. Illustration of a drug delivery system for multiparticulate systems.

Our Multiparticulate System-Based Featured Services:

CD Bioparticles has extensive experience with multiparticulate systems. Based on the advantages and performance of multiparticulate systems, CD Bioparticles provides formulation development services for multiple types of multiparticulate systems to facilitate the development of pharmaceutical systems.

  • Characterization of physical properties of multiparticulate systems

Surface morphology and particle size distribution of multiparticulate systems, drug release properties, drug encapsulation rate, etc.

  • Pharmacological evaluation of multiparticulate systems

Material toxicity, blood compatibility, biodegradability, microbiological examination and pharmacokinetic study.

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