pH Responsive Capsules-Based Drug Delivery System

CD Bioparticles is a leading expert in all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation development and dosage form optimization, and can design pH responsive capsules based on the characteristics of the drug molecule and the customer's development objectives. CD Bioparticles can provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your capsule needs.

Introduction to pH Response Capsules

pH-responsive capsules are commonly used to deliver orally administered peptides, proteins and other active substances that are susceptible to the gastrointestinal (GI) environment, and to solve problems such as instability during drug transportation. Wrapping drugs in capsules not only masks the bad odor of the drug, avoids the influence of moisture, air, and light, and improves the stability of the drug, but also ensures that the drug is released at a specific site for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The main material of the capsule shell is gelatin, plant cellulose and its derivatives, into the human body will slowly dissolve according to the different pH of the microenvironment. Typically, pH-responsive capsules dissolve at pH >5.5 and can be used as a switch for targeted delivery in a neutral intestinal environment. This instantaneous drug release behavior ensures that the local drug concentration at the site of pathology can reach the minimum concentration required for treatment.

Illustration of pH-triggered self-unpacking capsules. Figure 1. Illustration of pH-triggered self-unpacking capsules.1

Advantages of pH responsive capsules:

  • Easy swelling.
  • Convenient to handle and carry.
  • Masking of undesirable odors.
  • Protecting the pharmaceutically active substances.
  • Enhancement of bioavailability.
  • Environmentally responsive release, reducing drug toxicity and side effects.

The applications of pH responsive capsules include:

  • Insulin delivery to diabetic patients.
  • Oral drug delivery for anti-cancer.
  • Delivery of extended-release drugs, such as Ibuprofen Sustained-Release Capsules.

Our pH Responsive Capsules Featured Services

CD Bioparticles provides customized services for pH responsive capsules. We select appropriate materials based on the characteristics of drug molecules and controlled release pH conditions, and help customers solve problems encountered in pH responsive capsules technology development and design.

  • pH Responsive capsules customization service.
  • Material toxicity and biodegradability assessment.
  • pH-responsive releasing profile and capacity assessment.

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  1. Zhou Y, et al.; A pH-Triggered Self-Unpacking Capsule Containing Zwitterionic Hydrogel-Coated MOF Nanoparticles for Efficient Oral Exendin-4 Delivery. Advanced Materials. 2021, 33(32): 2102044-2102053.
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