Polymeric Films-Based Drug Delivery System

CD Bioparticles is a manufacturer and supplier of polymer films. Our experts are very experienced in the formulation of polymer film synthesis. CD Bioparticles can provide innovative solutions from strategy to implementation to help you solve your problems!

Introduction to Polymeric Films

Polymeric films are a novel drug delivery system that maintains contact with the delivering tissue and sustains controlled release of drug molecules. Films are considered to be easy to swallow, fast dissolving dosage forms and this delivery system has been used for both systemic and topical effects through multiple routes such as oral, buccal, sublingual, ocular and transdermal routes. Polymeric films have a high drug loading capacity and are highly effective in reducing the frequency of administration and the ability to enhance the efficacy of the drug. At the same time, the films are effective in eliminating the side effects of the drug, rapidly and systematically transporting the active substance into the bloodstream, and reducing extensive metabolism induced by proteolytic enzymes.

Schematic diagram of the oral film process. Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the oral film process.

Advantages of polymeric films:

  • No risk of choking.
  • Dosage accuracy.
  • No need to take it with water, less gastrointestinal irritation.
  • More convenient to carry and take: the film dosage form is easy to carry, increasing the privacy of the patient's medication.
  • Increase patient compliance, more suitable for people with difficulty in swallowing.
  • Fast dissolving and fast-acting, with rapid effect on urgent and sudden illnesses.

The applications of polymeric films:

Films have emerged primarily to overcome the swallowing problems exhibited by tablets and capsules. Films have been widely used at several sites, resulting in the derivation of a variety of polymer films.

  • Oral Films
  • Ophthalmic Film
  • Film Composition of Transdermal Patches

Our Polymeric Films Featured Services:

With the advancement of DDS development, CD Bioparticles specialized researchers have achieved significant research results in the field of Polymeric films. We can offer you a wide range of services related to Polymeric films:

  • Polymer Film Formulation Development

CD Bioparticles first customizes unique polymer films based on the physical and chemical properties of the drug itself, the dosage, the site of action and the type of release.

  • Performance Testing

CD Bioparticles can provide testing services, including testing and research on film size, thickness, viscosity, tensile properties, mechanical strength, film dissolution rates, etc.

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