Silica-Based Drug Delivery System

The key factors considered for drug delivery materials are biocompatibility, material toxicity, stability, drug loading and controlled release capability. Mesoporous silica has become a star material for drug delivery systems due to its extreme chemical inertness, ease of modification, biodegradability, and high encapsulation capability, etc. CD Bioparticles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various functional mesoporous silica drug delivery products for multi-disciplinary research in the areas of pesticides, materials, and nanomedicine.

Introduction to Silica

Mesoporous silica is a white powder with non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, high purity, low density, large specific surface area, etc. It has excellent stability and enhancement properties. At the same time, its surface is easy to modify, which can give the material a variety of other properties. Currently, mesoporous silica has been involved in a number of fields, including plastics, rubber, coatings, fibers and biomedicine. Due to its porous nature, mesoporous silica can adsorb and hold a large number of drug molecules, and is often used as a delivery vehicle for active molecules in drug delivery. Silica nanoparticles can also be coupled with drugs to form ultra-small nanoparticle C'Dot drug conjugate (CDC) platforms. It can address many of the drawbacks of antibody drug conjugates and peptide drug conjugates. Small size and easy surface modification facilitate deeper penetration into solid tumors and deliver large amounts of toxic payloads.

Schematic diagram of characteristics and application of silica. Figure 1. Schematic diagram of characteristics and application of silica.1

Advantages of silica:

  • Responsive release.
  • High biocompatibility and biodegradability.
  • High drug-carrying capacity, the porous nature can hold enough active molecules of the drug.
  • Chemical inertness, avoiding active molecules that affect drug molecules.
  • Active in moderate to low antigen expressing cancer cells.
  • Deeper penetration into and retention in solid tumors.
  • Crosses disrupted blood brain barrier (treatment of brain metastases).
  • Rapid tumor uptake with short systemic half-life.
  • Ability to deliver a significantly higher payload.
  • Avoidance of liver and reticuloendothelial system uptake.

The applications of silica include:

  • Catalysis.
  • Drug delivery and controlled release.
  • Ultra-small nanoparticle C'Dot drug conjugate (CDC) platforms.
  • Gene transfection.
  • Heavy metal ion and biomolecule detection.

Our Silica-Based Featured Services

CD Bioparticles is specialized in the development of drug delivery systems and customizing silica for drug delivery utilizing our core technologies. With our high-quality products and services, the efficacy of your drug delivery can be tremendously improved.

  • Supply of silica with different particle sizes.
  • Supply of surface-functionalized silica, such as carboxylated and ammoniated silica.
  • Customized integration service.

Functionalize the encapsulated nanoparticles according to the customer's drug molecules, such as modifying targeting molecules and increasing water-soluble molecules.

  • Testing services.

Analysis and characterization of the encapsulated drug, including but not limited to particle size testing, morphological characterization, drug loading and release performance evaluation.

  • Pharmacological evaluation.

Blood concentration, half-life, therapeutic effect, effective dose, absorption and metabolism of the drug, etc.

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  1. Stephen S, et al.; Exploring the role of mesoporous silica nanoparticle in the development of novel drug delivery systems. Drug Delivery and Translational Research. 2021, 12:105-123.
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