Swellable hydrogel-Based Drug Delivery System

The porous structure and swelling properties of hydrogels make them ideal for use as drug delivery vehicles. CD Bioparticles is an experienced drug delivery company which provides customized solutions for developing and producing new, biocompatible drug delivery systems. CD Bioparticles can provide you with development, design and testing services for environmentally responsive hydrogels and traditional hydrogels, facilitating the development of new drug delivery systems for our customers.

Introduction to Swellable Hydrogel

Hydrogels are defined as three-dimensional (3D) networks of hydrophilic molecules or polymers that are capable of swelling in water and retaining large amounts of water in their bulk. Hydrogels have become excellent controlled-release drug delivery vehicles in therapeutic areas such as targeted anticancer, bacterial infections, diabetes, gastric ulcers, etc., due to their porous nature, adjustable network structure, biocompatibility, and controlled swelling properties. By controlling the degree of cross-linking of the gel matrix and modifying environmentally responsive molecules, it is possible to achieve on-demand release at specific sites. In addition, the porous nature of hydrogels allows for the loading of more drug molecules while protecting them from complex environmental damage. Drugs elute slowly through hydrogel formulations, maintaining high drug concentrations in the target and surrounding tissues to enhance therapeutic efficacy.

Schematic application of hydrogel drug delivery system. Figure 1. Schematic application of hydrogel drug delivery system.1

Advantages of swellable hydrogel:

  • Strong water retention capacity.
  • Biocompatible and easily biodegradable.
  • High drug loading capacity and ability to carry different types of drugs.
  • Modification of environmentally responsive molecules for on-demand release.

The applications of swellable hydrogel include:

  • Tissue engineering.
  • Targeted anticancer drug delivery.
  • Bone regeneration.
  • Wound injury.
  • Surgical devices.
  • Gene therapy and vaccines.
  • Corneal treatment.
  • Diagnostic imaging.
  • Sensors in cancer therapy.

Our Swellable Hydrogel Featured Services

CD Bioparticles has extensive experience in the field of hydrogel drug delivery systems and provides hydrogel research services, development services and analytical testing services.

  • Formulation development
  • Material structure testing

CD provides TEM and SEM tests to observe the external and internal structure of hydrogels in order to analyze the size and morphology of hydrogels.

  • Material Performance Testing
  • Drug release study: to study the controlled and slow-release behavior of hydrogel on drugs.
  • Environmental responsive behavior testing and analysis.
  • Self-healing research: for self-healing hydrogel can provide self-healing behavior analysis.
  • Rheological performance test to analyze the mechanical properties of hydrogels.

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  1. Kesharwani P, et al.; Biomedical applications of hydrogels in drug delivery system: An update. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2021, 66: 102914.
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