Transdermal Patches-Based Drug Delivery System

CD Bioparticles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of transdermal patch drug delivery products. CD Bioparticles has an experienced and specialized R&D team and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to carry out the development of transdermal patches with different chemical compositions and different properties. Therefore, you are sure to find a product that matches your dosage form.

Introduction to Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patch is a new type of drug patch in which the drug is mixed in a polymer. It can be delivered at a predetermined rate and dosage directly into the bloodstream for local or systemic effects when is applied to the skin. This results in the same therapeutic effect as if the drug were not taken or injected directly. The major components of transdermal drug delivery systems comprise the drug molecule, a polymer complex, and adhesive material. Polymer selection is a critical step in such processes since their properties determine the release of drugs at a required therapeutic rate. A wide range of natural polymers such as chitosan, cellulose, pectin, alginate, gelatin, and starch have been utilized to manufacture ecofriendly patches to treat skin diseases. In addition to this, the features such as swelling, biodegradability, stretchability, drug loading capacity need to be taken into account for manufacturing patches for a specific skin disease.

The various types of transdermal patches. Figure 1. The various types of transdermal patches.1

Advantages of transdermal patches:

  • Avoiding the first-pass effect, reducing the influence of gastrointestinal absorption route on the drug.
  • Reducing the toxic side effects of gastrointestinal drug delivery and improving drug utilization.
  • Avoiding adverse effects caused by absorption of highly concentrated drug doses via continuous, controlled delivery
  • Prolonging the effective treatment time of the drug by non-invasive way of slow-release drug delivery.
  • Flexible drug delivery, with the use of stop. Drug intake can be stopped at any time by simply removing the transdermal patch.
  • Improved patient compliance, especially for swallowing disorders in elderly children.

The applications of transdermal patches:

  • Analgesic transdermal patches: used to relieve mild to moderate pain, such as headache, arthritis, muscle pain, etc.
  • Calcium channel blocker transdermal patches: for the treatment of angina, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Transdermal skin patches: used for the treatment of diabetic wounds, skin cancer, psoriasis and microbial infections and other skin treatments.
  • Transdermal patches for prevention of motion sickness: used to relieve motion sickness, seasickness and other discomfort caused by means of transportation.

Our Transdermal Patches Featured Services

CD Bioparticles has a full range of leading experts in transdermal drug delivery. We can offer you a wide range of services related to transdermal patches-based drug delivery systems:

1. Formulation Design: Based on the physicochemical properties of the drug and the dose to be administered, we provide you with one-on-one transdermal patch design services by selecting the appropriate polymer type.

2. Performance Evaluation:

  • Characterization of material properties (material morphology, swelling properties, tensile properties, adhesion properties, etc.).
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation (drug loading capacity, drug release capacity, drug permeation studies in vivo and in vitro, pharmacokinetic research).

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  1. Pastore MN, et al.; Transdermal patches:history, developmentand pharmacolog. British Journal of Pharmacology. 2015, 172: 2179-2209.
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