Transfersomes and Ethosomes Production

CD Bioparticles provides custom services for transfersomes and ethosomes for transdermal drug delivery. Based on our deep understanding of this field, our scientist group has mastered technology to for transfersomes and ethosomes preparation and characterization.

Introduction to Transfersomes and Ethosomes

Different from other types of liposomes, transfersomes and ethosomes are mainly developed for transdermal drug delivery systems using a different strategy. For transfersomes, edge activators (such as a biocompatible surfactant or an amphiphilic drug) which increases lipid bilayer flexibility and permeability are used together with phospholipids for liposome construction. Ethosomes consists of phospholipids, water and ethanol (20%-45%) which is as an efficient permeation enhancer to increase cell membrane permeability by interacting with the polar head group region of the lipid molecules in cell membranes resulting in increasing of the flexibility of nanovesicles to allow them to penetrate through layers of the skin. Therefore, transfersomes and ethosomes can deform and pass through narrow constriction to underlying viable skin without measurable loss due to transdermal osmotic gradients, and release drugs into the deep layer of skin once they fuse with skin lipids. Transfersomes and ethosomes are an ideal choice for drug development of non-invasive therapeutic use for both systemic and topical delivery of drugs. Transfersomes and ethosomes are potential candidates to prolong drug release and improve the site targeting by increasing its transdermal flux.

Transfersomes and ethosomes share the following attributes:

  • Have high entrapment efficiency;
  • Better penetration of intact vesicles due to its high deformability;
  • Protect the encapsulated drug from metabolic degradation;
  • Elevated encapsulation competence for a broad range of molecules including lipophilic drugs;
  • Easy to scale up.

Transfersomes and Ethosomes Production

Figure 1. Structure of transfersomes (left) and ethosomes (right).

Transfersomes and Ethosomes Applications

Transfersome and ethosomes are good carrier options to deliver drugs into the skin layers for the treatment of skin cancers. Their applications have been explored to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and cosmetic field. In the future, it is likely that more applications will be explored based on its versatile encapsulating ability for proteins, anti-cancer drugs, anti-fungal drugs, analgesics, anesthetics, corticosteroids, sex hormone, albumin, herbal drugs, NSAIDS, interferons and more.

Our Transfersomes and Ethosomes Featured Services

  • Liposome formulation design: we customize liposomes design based on our clients’ demand by varying lipid compositions, vesicle sizes, surface charges, etc.
  • Liposome encapsulation: we employ customized protocols to encapsulate drug molecules into liposome with high encapsulation efficiency.
  • Liposome-drug complex analysis and characterization: we can offer comprehensive analysis assays for liposomes before and after encapsulation, which includes visual appearance, size distribution, stability, Zeta potential, lamellarity, entrapment efficiency, and release rate.

Quotations and Ordering

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