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CD Bioparticles is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) vector products and accessories. Our VSV vectors are carefully designed and engineered to deliver optimal gene expression results. We offer a range of options to suit the unique needs of each individual research project. In addition, our packaging services allow you to customize your VSV vectors for optimal efficiency and ease of use. Whether you are searching for VSV vectors for use in diagnostic, therapeutic or research contexts, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services to help you achieve your goals.

Introduction to Retroviral Vectors

Vesicular stomatitis virus vectors have a wide range of applications in the study of virus particle invasion into host cells, identification of cell surface receptors that mediate virus-infected cells, screening of antiviral drugs and vaccine development. The wild type virus is a negative-sense RNA virus that encodes the nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), matrix (M), glycoprotein (G), and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (L) proteins. When the viral vector is used in vaccinations, the G gene is replaced with the transgene of choice[1]. The VSV-based recombinant viral vectors have demonstrated safety and immunogenicity in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Schematic diagram of VSV Vectors reorganization Figure 1. Schematic diagram of VSV Vectors reorganization.

The Specific Features of VSV Vectors Include:

  • Low seroprevalence: Little pre-existing immunity in humans makes it efficient in vaccine development.
  • Easy to construct: VSV vectors lack the VSV envelope G gene which can be replaced by any desired heterologous virus genes.
  • High transduction efficiency: VSV vectors have a high transduction efficiency, meaning that they can effectively deliver the gene of interest to the target cells.
  • Safe: VSV genome undergoes replication in the cytoplasm and does not integrate into the cellular genome. The recombinant VSV is limited to a single round of replication and cannot produce new viral particles. It can be safely handled in a BSL-2 containment even if with envelope glycoproteins of high-risk group viruses[2].

The Applications of VSV Vectors Include:

  • Basic research: VSV vectors pseudotyped with distinct viral envelope proteins that influence cell tropism and transfection efficiency are useful tools for examining entry mechanisms or cell tropisms.
  • Viral research: It is easy to evaluate pseudotyped viruses’ infectivity in the study of viral entry, including identification of viral receptors.
  • Vaccine development: Pseudotyped viruses have also been applied in neutralization tests for antibodies or as vaccine vectors.

Our VSV Vectors Featured Services:

CD Bioparticles has developed a pseudotype virus system for VSV, a recombinant virus system with a heterologous viral envelope gene together with a reporter gene encoded into its own genome.

  • Pseudotype VSV with other envelope proteins and reporter genes.
  • Pseudotype VSV with G protein and interest genes.
  • Testing in vitro and in vivo: Infection rate, gene expression assessment, immunogenicity assessment, toxicological evaluation, etc.

CD Bioparticles has also developed a series of advanced technologies and reagents to greatly improve the titer, purity, reliability and stability of recombinant VSV packaging.

Quotations and Ordering

Quotations and Ordering


  1. Travieso T, Li J; et al. The use of viral vectors in vaccine development. NPJ Vaccines. 2022, 7(1):75.
  2. Tani H, Morikawa S; et al. Development and Applications of VSV Vectors Based on Cell Tropism. Front Microbiol. 2011, 2:272.
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